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Will you be able to get rid of the cute Jujubos?

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Jujubos need to be saved.

Jujubos releases on Xbox, and task it to save the cute little Jujoy.

For Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (though they weren’t optimized for all consoles), Jujubo is the creation of Game Nacional and Dininho games. Well admit we haven’t often come across these guys before, but certainly are interested in what they put together.

There’s an ink on the micro-indie scene.

Jujubos, priced at just 4.19 dollars apiece to the micro-indie scene perfectly fits in. Getting to go for low price always makes things interesting and that is what happens in us as soonas. We see that Jujubos has got you to help protect the babies but with all this tools, please. The problem is if your resources are severely limited. You must still be planning for some longer time to come, too!

We don’t expect a GOTY contender as Jujubos returns on Xbox. How about a little heat, but maybe another evening or two? That price certainly allows you to let us know what we think of this one once I get the chance before review.

The Xbox Store is your best asset – until now. Head over and download Jujubos on Xbox. If you do, please let me know.

Jujubos on Xbox Game Description:

Jujubos is a puzzle game that requires different tools to build the path up till every finish and get all kinds of people.

Help these sweet creatures escape from different biodiversity and climates of the earth to return home. Keep in mind that. The resources are limited so be smart and plan the perfect escape for each situation.

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