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Windows 10 also gets the new ‘Windows Backup’ app

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In May 2023, when Windows 11 build 23466 was released in the Dev Channel, Microsoft announced a new app for backing up settings, files, apps, and other things on your computer. Some thought the Windows Backup app would be exclusive to the upcoming Windows 11 23H2 update, but as it turned out, Microsoft also wants Windows 10 users to have access to the new backup experience.

This week, Microsoft released build 19045.3391 for testing in the Release Preview Channel. After installing the update, users discovered an announced change: the new Windows Backup app. You can run the program from the Start menu to back up folders, apps, credentials, and settings in your OneDrive.

A screenshot of the Windows Backup app in Windows 10

Interestingly, build 19045.3391 cannot restore from a OneDrive backup during the onboarding experience, leading to some speculating about Microsoft bringing the application to Windows 10 to make migrating to Windows 11 easier.

Other changes in Windows 10 build 19045.3391 include various under-the-hood improvements. For example, the operating system is now better at detecting your location (no, not for spying) for providing better weather, news, traffic information, and other geo-based data. The update also introduces new account-related notifications, daylight saving time changes for new countries, and various fixes. You can learn more by checking out the release notes.

Microsoft bringing the new backup experience is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. The OS is slated to reach its end of life in one year, and Microsoft has already made it clear that users should not expect new feature updates or major changes. Still, the company continues supporting Windows 10 with the necessary security fixes and small changes for improving the experience, including moving from a Windows 10 device to one running Windows 11. The new Windows Backup app seems just like that kind of upgrade.

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