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Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch enter general availability on September 26

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In case you haven’t been absent for the past 24 hours, Microsoft has announced a slew of Windows 11 updates that will go live on September 26th. As it turns out, two services that were available as a public preview that will make it easier to use the cloud and personal computers through Windows 365 will go into general availability on the same date.

in a blog post, Microsoft has stated that it will officially launch Windows 365 on September 26 for business and enterprise users. This new feature will allow employees to switch to their PC and go directly to the desktop in the cloud. Microsoft says:

This is a particularly great solution for shared devices, where logging in with a unique user ID takes employees such as shift workers or part-timers to their own personalized and secure cloud computing. New with Windows 365 Boot General availability is support for Bluetooth, multiple cloud PCs, Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PC, maximum timeout preferences, and basic security profiles.

The GA edition of Windows 365 Boot will come with some new features as well. They will include support for multiple cloud computers, along with Windows 365 Frontline cloud computers. It will also support wireless Bluetooth devices. The new version will also include new settings such as a way to change timeout preferences, along with new basic security profiles.

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The other Cloud PC feature that will be officially available on September 26 is Windows 365 Switch. Microsoft launched the public preview of this service in August. This feature allows users to switch between a local Windows 11 PC and the PC Cloud version by clicking an icon on the Windows 11 taskbar.

This solution is good for employees who own a PC at home but need to connect remotely to access their Cloud PC desktop for work.


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