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With Star-Studded Spinnin DLC Invector: Rhythm Galaxy turns to EDM beats into grooves

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In an electrifying announcement, Warner Music and Hello There Games are taking invector: Rhythm Galaxy new heights at the expense of performing music. Together they dive into dance with some group from EDM’ing (Electric Dance). The latest DVD, which is the “Spinnin Song Pack” by aptly named Spinnesyap, features six electronic tracks featuring some of spinnos’ most prominent names. We’re going into this exciting collaboration.

In Amsterdam Dance event, Gamers meet the EDM Icons.

Prepare to embark on an adventure which involves esports as fans acquire exclusive access for the first time at the 2010 Amsterdam Dance event (ADE) that takes place between October 18 and 22. ADE stands for the world’s largest electronic music group and is hosting an annual festival. The blend of cutting-edge musical trends and the talents experienced by upsandcoming artists — with the iconic pioneer’d success in dancing music.

Meet the ADM star of Invector. Rhythm Galaxy: All is a snooping game!

The Spinnin Song Pack introduces players to a team of EDM artists who’re star-studded, giving their signature beatness back to the games repertoire. Another of the most talented are:

  • Martin Solveig: Known for his infectious melodies and energetic performances, the composer is recognised in EDM.
  • Sam Feldt: With a knack for creating melodic, feel-good tracks in Invector: A Dynamic Beat.
  • Ownebosh: Ownabie, emergence force in the EDM world for years to come and inspire your game.
  • Tujamo: Tujujo electrifying tracks and stage presence make him a standout addition to the games musical lineup.

Mark your calendar and wish list, but you don’t need to do this.

Excitement is building; the Spinnin Song Pack will be available for wishlisting starting October 19th, with the official release on Steam scheduled for November 19. Those who like games and music lovers won’t want to miss this opportunity. They can sing, beat or compete in their musical idols for each other on their own!

Oskar Eklund, CEO and founder of Hello There Games said that he’d like to collaborate with artists for this collaboration. He stated: “It is exciting seeing Invector: A rhythm line grow in various directions”. That’s exactly how we have historically developed games with leading artists. To have the opportunity to do that in Invector: Rhythm Galaxy is an incredible testament of the strong synergy between videogames and music.

Invector: The Rhythm Galaxy Where the Gaming and EDM interfere.

The Spinnin song pack follows the success of its debut expansion, Latin Power Song Pack. These new waved hip hop would be introduced to a game world with an advanced version in late 1990s later than that. The game continues to inspire and offer music that appeals in Latin American cities like Yng Lvcas, Tiago PZK (Mobashi), Myke Tower) etc.

Invector: Rhythm Galaxy proves that when game and EDM take place, the result is an unforgettable combination of beat-and-creation sounds. Stay tuned for more updates and feel ready to get a big boost with the Spinnin Song Pack.

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