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With the first three million players already, the Bethesdas greatest match will come

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Only a few days ago, Starfield achieved a new goal with the first move of launching the new blockbuster of Bethesda to all the players, today these numbers have already tripled, setting a historic record for the company.

According to the official website of Starfield on Twitter/X, we know that the new Action/RPG sci-fi exclusive Microsoft has surpassed a mere six million people of the entire world, in an extremely short time. Starfield grew up in the world as the biggest launch ever for Bethesda, but in such a short period, none of these results had had ever been achieved in an all time long time.

Definitely, the availability of the game on Xbox Game Pass on day one, usual for all Microsoft exclusives, played a vital role in achieving this record, but it should be said that fans expect for Starfield have already been extremely high for a long time, just considering it had been 25 years since Bethesda failed to create a completely new universe. This is therefore a very important milestone for developers and Microsoft, which can enjoy many critical and public admirers have received so far.

In this regard, our rated review of Starfield explains why it’s a vast work that deserves your attention, and that’s despite some imperfections.


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