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With the John Wick universe blossoming on Amazon Prime with this series without Keanu Reeves, other stars take over again

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New York Times Lentum by John Wick prospers on Amazon Prime with this series without Keanu Reeves. The Stars are taking over the universe from the other stars.

Published on October 18th, 1850, the first public at noon.

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The series The Continental in the John Wick universe finally released its first trailer. I’m a good idea to meet Prime Video subscribers at the two-part show at the end of the month.

A prequel to John Wick

After four short films on the big screen, the world of John Wick carries a serial version, but without Keanu Reeves. In some years, the series Le Continental, focused on the same hotel, was officially issued without having revealed its broadcast date, and no images of it. Now this is the case because Prime Video announced that The Continental: Based on the Universe of John Wick will be available on the platform from September 22 to September 22. We finally got a trailer that you can watch the whole article.

This series is set to be a prequel set in the 1970s. It focuses on Winstons youth and plays played in the films by Ian McShane. This time Colin Woodell interprets the character we saw in Ambulance. That latter’ll answer Mel Gibson, who plays Cormac here, the manager of the hotel, whom Winston seeks to take. Moreover, the Continental Hotel, a leading place for an assassin of John Wick, will be a central character in the plot. The first season is planned to be split in three parts. We hope to find still some impressive choreography that were the charm of the movie with Keanu Reeves.

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John Wick’s universe hasn’t said its last word.

After the series airs, John Wick fans are expected to say goodbye to this universe for too long. Until next year, a spin-off is planned, as well. The latter, called Ballerina, is characterised by an Alessandro de Armas in the lead role, along with an actor seen in the John Wick film. We think about Ian McShane but also Lance Reddick who, unfortunately, left us this year. Besides that, the spin-off should also introduce other well-known actors like Norman Reedus who appear in the cast. For the moment, the film is scheduled for the release date of June 7:20, 24 o’clock if the screenwriters strike in Hollywood is not affecting the production of the show.

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