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Wolfe, an official world champ, breaks down the strongest new Pokemon from The Teal Mask

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The Teal Mask DLC introduced us to several brand new Pokemon, and he sat down to discuss what these Pokemon look the most promising in the battle.

In a video captured Sept. 16, the Pokemon champ and the popular content creator analysed the new DLC mons, including Sinistcha, Dipplin, Bloodmoon Ursaluna, the Loyal Three, and the adorable Legendary that stole everyone’s hearts, Ogerpon. In a way, Glick shared his thoughts on the best and worst of the new team, based on their potential for growth and progress.

Pokemon that Glick found the most interesting was Ogerpon, who has different forms, according to which mask it’s wearing. This legendy Pokemon has various tiems and forms with different capacities, so there’s plenty of flexibility and options to work with when it comes to this form.

Ogerpon looks adorable without mask. This image is created by Game Freak.

Ogerpon also gets access to a lot of good moves like Ivy Cudgel, Horn Leech, Wood Hammer and Follow Me. Along with that, its terastallized form has a new ability to raise a single stat based on its mask. Basically, there are many creative things you can do with Ogerpon to fit your team.

Bloodmoon Ursaluna is terrifyingly strong. Game Freak Image.

Glick had a lot of positive things to say about urina and Sinistcha, also Bloodmoon. The swindling Ursaluna is an attacking form of standard Ursaluna that is already known to be extremely strong. That scary bear has an Ability that allows him to hit Ghost Pokemon with new attack, but also a 140 base power, if all-out the dungeon he will perform is gonna do a huge damage. You know, a Pokemon won’t go to Bloodmoon Ursaluna.

Don’t underestimate the matcha Pokemon. Photo by Dot Esports.

Like Ursaluna, Sinistcha is another Pokemon that has great signature ability and move. The difference is that matcha Pokemon makes a more offensive threat a face to face. That’s because of its Hospitality ability, when it turns into battle, heals its allies, and gives a toe to repurpose Rage Powder, Strength Sap to weaken physical attackers, and Matcha Gotcha to potentially burn targets. As well as the latter two moves heal Sinistcha, it will be much more important to help the team.

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Unfortunately, the other new Pokemon that isn’t working well, have similar strength. According to Glick, Applins new evolution, Dipplin, won’t probably be super good. The signature abilities lowering the opposing Pokemons’ evasiveness and a useful attack for speed control make it possible for some niche strategies to try, but not as big as the earlier mentioned mons.

The Moose Three, or the Lousy Three, are. Picture via Game Freak.

The same goes for the Three Okidogi Loyal, Munkidori and Fezandipiti. Everyone has the ability to fight Toxic Chain. In this case, their target is poisoned. This is so annoying for their opponents who may not survive, it seems. Nevertheless, Glick considered Okidogi below average, Munkidori disappointing, and Fezandipiti best among the three, but not amazing. This is a further reason why they deserve to become Lousy Three in the DLC story.

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Of course these are just early first impressions of the new Pokemon Pokémon made by the Teal Mask DLC. That’s really the possibility of any of these mons to overperform while the competitive meta continues to shift.

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