Word game player uses voice resonators to sound like a kid, so his father builds laughter and energy


Even his smack talk is surprisingly delicious.

I can’t watch such an improv series, crock-burn, and crock-burn, then cuff. As a consequence, they often gain my attention due to their deep knowledge of their favorite game. In last, a Twitch Streamer called DeanoBeano introduced the sniper to all the games that their users used to play with their recording equipment.

My new favorite creator is also a purveyor of sweetWarzone content. His name is @slaterkodish and his various socials are popular on all day. His specialty is using a voice changer to sound like an adult (who is exactly ten and a half years old, tells his teammates) and it is the very most interesting gaming content I’ve seen in a while.


No one else messed my shoe down.

Original sound is slaterkodish.

Slater always makes sure his alter ego is polite and kind to his teammates. This makes for some of the most satisfying encounters that will come out of the game arguably. He often tells his team team that teamwork makes it dream work, and that he loves them like a brother, and listening to the other players listening to the feelings is very powerful.


That guy got a giggle.

original sound slaterkodish.

Slaters depiction of sixth grader is always accurate. He often calls to his mom, asking for more pizza rolls or asks that their win adds to the effect. I hope Slater continues to grow her love in the CoD lobby as much as he can, because despite this new wholesome brand of humor, Im obsessed with it.

[Featured Image is via Activision]


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