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Worldwide, the endless Dungeon is now accessible

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After releasing early for Last Wish Edition owners, the roguelike twin-stick shooter Endless Dungeon now has its debut worldwide. It’s going to be played on Xbox One, and this is the Xbox Switch version. Check out the official trailer.

This is a treacherous space station. In Endless Dungeon, the unwilling inhabitants move to the central point of the ocean with their visions towards the Central. Like Dungeon of the Endless, you must escort and protect it from enemies like Bots or Bug; Blob by Orynthae: that is not necessarily an order. You could build turrets and try to expand the money into your heroes.

When you arrive at the temple of Saloon, you can use everything on your own to unlock new passives and upgrade weapons. Soloplay with AI teammates is possible, but there’s support for up to three players in the co-op as well. Check our review of Endless Dungeon, and tell us what makes it fun even though you aren’t pushing too much boundaries.

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