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Worms: Those two can open for free by means of the standard exam (DS)

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Game:Worm: Open WarcraftPublisher:WQDeveloper:Team 17Genre:StrategyTested for:DSAvailable for:DS, PSPUSK:Released in:5 / 2006

The worms take over in war again: Worms is an active variant of Lemmings in which up to four teams fight in rounds. You crawl and jump in the arena, with multiple screens, and at once one of the proteges selects a suitable shooting position. Then you pull out one of the 22 weapons that have a bazooka, cutting torch and shotgun, in order to sweep your opponents’ faces out of the screen. The many weapons differ, and therefore their range and trajectory as well as the ballistic trajectory: for your protection, you can carry mines, teleportworms to distant platforms, and fly manually through the arena with the rocket suit. Timing is important, since ammunition and fuel are limited depending on the match. If the opponent wins, you’ll have the choice of a comprehensive air attack. The destructible terrain resembles the crater at the end of the match allows tactical tricks: you can dig up passages and find remote valleys. Put the enemy in line or undermine them so they could fall out of the arena during the next bombardment. If you want to learn more, you can call for a computer. If you can build a computer for an object, you could give a person’s name to the worms.

It is an excellent way to enjoy the multiplayer, since it is the most fun with cursing opponents. Thanks to Multiboot, fans can play on their own handheld while a device is doing the rounds with the PSP worms. Because the levels are randomly generated, the possibilities are endless: if you like an arena, you can save it for later battles using a password.

Do you have any opinions?

The new edition is successful, but has an impossibility to improve it, says Oliver Ehrle. The tactical one Worms has been providing heated fights with a multitude of weapons and burst arenas for ten years. A DS update plays quite a well on both handhelds, but aiming at longer distances is a bit too tricky to the handheld. But team 17 doesn’t want to risk the old mistakes. You have to wait for your opponents moves which drags out some matches, a new real-time mode wouldn’t hurt. I wanted to be an editor, as well as create your own spaces: then we’re always searching for chance and always having your notepad ready if you find out about your dreams.

It’s difficult to distinguish a character from the abyss; the worms have almost lost their charm.

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