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WRUP: Your next party theme edition!

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Totally 90s party weekend: Everyone dresses in squealing jeans and horrible t-shirts you regret. To listen to Nirvana, and fill your mouth with cotton balls and peanut butter. Besides you, the best Kurt Cobain is high on heroin and wanting to sing impression, then you can completely denigrate all that Generation X had until they were honest towards anyone pointing that out. Also signal a sniper if someone references Austin Powers, I’ve almost burnt out that sickness so it’s time to finish the job.

The flesh roils: Just get out of there and get out of flesh. You can invite what you mean that sounds disgusting? I think it’s a good idea.

Pirate party: Everyone spends two months in a closet with no Vitamin C and 4 hives die of scurvy. When you go over onto the street and try to find attractive people whilst reeking of body odor, and being quite sick of it. Next, replace one of the hosts’ limbs with a hook.

It was not flesh roiling, but what if you had flesh and you roiled it less?

Good thing, its flesh roiling. I like the idea. I would be attending this. I would never go wrong with anything damn like me. What were you doing last week when we wanted to call an elder beast over human perception and to visit the Olive Garden? My idea was more.

The deadliest of mining town parties: Times are tough.

A physics professor runs to his office at 1,4 m/s. The student tries to overtake him in hopes she can either give him his homework or throw a muffin in the face. If the professor has 300 meters to go to make his office secure, the student starts 50 meters behind him and birds are real, how fast is that student to get back into time? Answers are very bad.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Exercise games will give me a workout, but I think I might be able to play Pokemon Violet (i’m very close to my reward bear) and Super Bomberman R 2. I may give F-Zero 99 a little more time, as it’s simple, but fun, even if you can’t play with friends.

Okay, so at the same time, the student must move at roughly one meter to the same time as the student, then move again for around a minute, right? But there are other factors that have a lot of fun. She can give her homework, but she has a muffin, which she knows shes buying gold in World of Warcraft since he left his account up in class and recently used the gold to beat her at an auction house he needed. She was able to get both the win and his purchase page in class. Their homework is about both to show her knowledge and capacity to report him, and yet there’s a secret and inside. That means she needs 4 seconds more for her homework and blackmail warning both wind-up the muffin and delivery of her alumnus-like sleeve. Birds are the real threat, but it’s the real issue. Are they likes to be ravens? They love bananas. If they were seagulls, they were more interested in garbage, so did not go with peacocks because they are the schools mascot, therefore she should totally dodge them. Just the teacher will turn around if the student yells, Hey Grignr! If she shouts at the 50 m-ometer til she moves three m/s, points to him so that he can freeze her, and again to turn the muffin and hit any corner, the peacocks impede them. As we all know, it takes a long time to finish the muffin, because they sometimes go out and get them to the cafe.

Andy McAdams: I’m not certain what I’ll be playing this weekend. Some Lord of the Rings online maybe? Perhaps you could get some Guild Wars 2? Who knows. If I pick up the space-skyrim, I will certainly get it.

Bonus question: I wouldn’t say it was aliens, I guess?

In addition to Brianna Royce, blog, Lord of the Rings. I’ll be tinkering in my new abode and finishing Mirkwood as a gift now that I have gotten back to where I live. Take us to the area where we left off.

She avoided trying to conceive his son. She did not do her homework, and never waste a good muffin, never in any way.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Today, after that weekend the Lord of the Rings will be featured online, as soon as I’m able to recognize the Champion, and enjoy the overloading of difficulty to the front row, which also sounds very great fun. I’m also planning to hop into Black Desert Online now that the season server is always up (hurrah because there’s no FOMO), and there’s still some tomes to order in Final Fantasy XIV and tense missions to beat in Armored Core IV.

The answer to this word problem is to give up and get sob again because I really remember my ineptitude in math and how terrible high school was. Cheers, Eliot!

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot Lefebvre, blog): Some FFXIV, and at least one review title, plus I’ve got tons of work to do with my apartment. I’ll not play the FFXIV game until next May. I don’t agree.

Let’s see that I was born in Glastonbury, so I know why I don’t speak French, so I don’t know why. I plan to go while staying at her choice of door instead of switching.

Sam Kash: I’ll try to add some other stories to Harry Potter Magic Awakened. I was slowly knocking it out with a little more content last week.

The student wearing nice runners should take the knees better and he has better control of the other students. Despite double majoring in ventriloquism, she will be especially talented at throwing her voice and catching up on the misfortune, prone to slow him down. When he turns into a false voice, he can break apart and sprinkle a cup of muffin on his dome. Now the birds, whom we assume are somehow real, will descend onto the muffin bits. A professor is delayed by another. He’ll have dropped his papers and roll and spin wildly at the coming birds. The student has achieved the goal of bringing muffins for the professor and will continue to slip her homework into a pile of paper on the ground and deny it. Your success was always mystifying.

I’ll finish the replay of Dragon Age: Inquisition, still not exhaustive.

A surprise question: the president of the emperor.

Join the massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing – our roundup of the games and MMORPGs we’d like to play this weekend (a bonus question to try). Tell us what you’re up to! Do the work right away. Don’t forget having fun.


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