WWE 2K22: Rey Mysterio 2K Showcase – How to complete all objectives

WWE 2K22 is right here, and so is the brand new 2K Showcase. The featured wrestler on this 12 months’s Showcase is Rey Mysterio, who’s additionally the duvet athlete of WWE 2K22. WWE followers will probably be ready to relive 12 traditional matches from Rey’s historic profession, and throughout a timeline that begins in 1997 with a WCW Cruiserweight Championship match in opposition to Eddie Guerrero.

Each match has a variety of objectives to complete, and we’ve got these listed down beneath. Here’s a have a look at all of them, plus suggestions for these objectives that may be utilized in the course of the 2K Showcase.

Halloween Havoc 1997

  • Perform a Light Combo whereas within the ring – This could be down by tapping a variety of button inputs (i.e. X+X+X+A) in a row
  • Light Grapple Attack – Press B/Circle in entrance of Eddie, then hit X/Square
  • Do a Front Running Grapple – Press B/Circle whereas working (LT/L2) at Eddie
  • Do large injury to Eddie – Do this by frequently hanging, in addition to by means of Signatures and Finishers
  • Do a Light Corner Grapple on Eddie – While Eddie is in nook and dazed, press B/Circle, adopted by X/Square
  • Do the Backflip DDT – While Eddie is in opposition to the ropes and dazed, press B/Circle to seize him, then maintain LB/L1 and LS/L3. Get him on the ropes by grabbing him with B/Circle, adopted by LB/L1.
  • Send Eddie to ropes with Irish Whip – B/Circle + Left Stick (any course)
  • Do extra injury on Eddie
  • Launch a Diving Attack on Eddie whereas he’s standing in ring – While on prime turnbuckle, hit A/X or X/Square
  • Use a Grab Combo on Eddie – Combo that ends with B/Circle (i.e. X+A+A+B)
  • Use a entrance Light Corner Attack on Eddie
  • Use a Hammer Throw to whip Eddie from ring to ringside – While standing in entrance of Eddie, press B/Circle. adopted by B/Circle (Hold) + LS (in direction of ropes)
  • Catch Eddie with a Running Dive whereas he’s standing at ringside – While Eddie at ringside
  • Diving Attack whereas Eddie is standing in ring
  • One extra Light Grapple Attack on Eddie

WrestleMania 21

  • Do 2 Grab Combos to Eddie – Combo that ends with B/Circle (i.e. X+A+A+B)
  • Do Light Running Attack – Hit LT/L2, adopted by A/X
  • Irish Whip Eddie into ropes – B/Circle + Left Stick (any course)
  • Do large injury to Eddie
  • Light Grapple Attack – A/X
  • Running Dive Attack – LS in direction of ropes + LT to run + X
  • Front Light Attack – A/X in entrance of standing opponent
  • Do extra injury to Eddie
  • Diving Attack from prime rope whereas Eddie is grounded in ring – Use A/X at prime turnbuckle
  • Heavy Combo – Combo that ends with A/X (i.e. X+A+A+A)
  • Front Running Grapple – While working, press B/Circle

Raw vs. Shawn Michaels

  • Light Grapple Attack – Press B/Circle to seize Shawn, then LS + X, or Left Stick + Square
  • Do injury to Shawn
  • Another Light Grapple Attack
  • Springboard Attack from apron whereas Shawn is standing in ring – While standing on apron with HBK standing in ring, maintain LB + B/Circle
  • Attempt a pin
  • Do a Light Combo
  • Irish Whip Shawn into ropes
  • Front Running Attack to Shawn whereas HBK is dazed in nook – While Shawn is nook, hit LT/L2 + A/X or X/Square
  • Do 2 Grab Combos – Combo that ends with B/Circle (i.e. X+A+A+B)
  • Do 2 Heavy Combos – Combo that ends with A/X (i.e. X+A+A+A)
  • Front Running Grapple on Shawn – LT/L2 + B/Circle + A/X
  • 2 Front Heavy Running Grapples within the ring
  • Irish Whip Shawn into ropes

Judgement Day 2005

  • Do a Light Combo
  • Heavy Attack whereas standing at ringside – A/X
  • Running Apron Attack at ringside – While on apron, hit LT + X, or L2 + Square
  • Running Springboard Attack whereas JBL is standing in ring – Run to the ropes, after which hit B/Circle when you hit the ropes
  • Heavy Grapple Attack to JBL whereas he’s dazed in nook – Press B + A, or Circle + X
  • 3 Light Combos to JBL
  • Front Running Grapple – LT/L2 + B/Circle
  • Grab Combo – Combo that ends with B/Circle (i.e. X+A+A+B)
  • Front Heavy Grapple Attack – Grapple with B/Circle, then A/X
  • 4 Standing Heavy Attacks – A/X
  • Diving Attack on JBL whereas on prime turnbuckle, and whereas JBL is standing
  • Grab Combo
  • 2 Heavy Combos whereas in ring
  • Light Attack on JBL whereas in nook

Summerslam 2009 vs. Dolph Ziggler

  • Front Running Attack – While working, hit A or X, or X or Square
  • 2 Light Combos
  • Irish Whip Dolph into nook
  • Middle Rope Diving Attack – In nook, press RB/R1 + both A/X or X/Square
  • Do large injury to Dolph whereas in ring
  • 3 Combos (any kind)
  • Springboard Attack whereas Dolph is standing – While Dolph is standing in ring, go to apron and maintain LB + B/Circle
  • Heavy Grapple Attack – B/Circle + A/X
  • Do the 619 – Rey’s Signature transfer. Get sufficient injury, then RT/R2 + X/Square
  • Do extra large injury
  • Front Running Grapple
  • Rear Heavy Attack – While standing close to Dolph whereas he’s dealing with away from you (that means that you’re behind him), press A/X to do Rear Heavy Attack. Can re-place Dolph with proper stick.

Cyber Sunday 2008 vs. Kane

  • Light Combo
  • Springboard Attack whereas Kane standing at ringside – At apron, click on LB + B, or L1 + Circle
  • Heavy Attack on Kane whereas at ringside on his head – Hit A/X whereas Kane is down, by his head
  • Hit Kane with kendo stick in ring – Go to ringside, then search below ring with LB/L1 to discover kendo stick. Then, X/Square to hit Kane.
  • Hit Kane with purple STOP check in ring – Same instructions as with kendo stick.
  • Hit Kane with kendo stick at ringside
  • Do injury to Kane whereas in ring
  • 3 Grab Combos
  • Irish Whip Kane to nook
  • Heavy Attack on Kane
  • Diving Attack whereas on prime turnbuckle and whereas Kane is standing
  • Springboard Attack whereas Kane is standing
  • Hit Kane with metal chair whereas Kane is standing

Smackdown vs. Batista

  • Light Combo
  • Front Running Attack
  • Front Light Attack
  • Do injury to Batista
  • Heavy Combo
  • Front Running Grapple
  • Grab Combo in Ring
  • Do a Light Attack on Batista whereas he’s on prime turnbuckle – Shift left stick up whereas Batista is dazed in nook to do that
  • Do a Comeback whereas standing on prime turnbuckle
  • Springboard Attack on Batista
  • Heavy Grapple Attack
  • Do the 619
  • Do a Heavy Grapple Attack on Batista

Royal Rumble 2010 vs. The Undertaker

  • Do 2 Light Combos
  • Heavy Corner Attack on The Undertaker – Hit A/X whereas Undertaker is dazed in nook
  • Front Running Attack – A/X whereas working at Undertaker
  • Do an Opponent Taunt – Right on D-Pad
  • Front Light Attack
  • Perform a Running Attack on Undertaker whereas seated in nook – While in nook, hit Undertaker with Left Analog Stick (down) + X/Square. Then. run and hit A/X.
  • Take Undertaker to ringside, and do injury
  • Do a Grab Combo whereas at ringside
  • Heavy Attack on Undertaker – While at ringside with Undertaker, press A/X
  • Use a Heavy Combo in ring on Undertaker
  • Front Running Grapple
  • Springboard Attack whereas Undertaker is down in ring

Raw vs. The Miz

  • Light Grapple Attack – B/Circle + A/X
  • Grab Combo
  • 2 Front Running Attacks
  • Front Light Attack – While standing subsequent to Mix, press X/Square
  • Do large injury to The Miz
  • Do an Irish Whip and hurl Miz in direction of metal steps
  • Heavy Combo to Miz within the ring
  • Irish Whip The Miz into the nook
  • Front Running Grapple
  • Middle Rope Diving Attack – In nook, press RB/R1 + both A/X or X/Square
  • Diving Attack on The Miz whereas he’s grounded in ring – Press X/A or Square/X whereas on prime rope
  • Do the 619
  • Front Heavy Grapple Attack – Press B/Circle to seize The Miz, then hit A/X

Raw vs. Samoa Joe

  • Light Running Attack – Press X/Square whereas working at Joe
  • Light Combo
  • Grab Combo
  • Light Grapple Attack
  • Heavy Combo in ring
  • Heavy Attack in ring
  • Springboard Attack – While standing on apron with Joe standing in ring, maintain LB + B/Circle
  • Front Running Grapple
  • Front Heavy Grapple Attack – While standing in entrance of Joe, seize him with B/Circle + A/X
  • 3 Light Combos
  • Do the 619
  • Running Corner Attack – While Joe is in nook and dazed, press LT to run + X/A/B or Circle/X/Square

Raw vs. Gran Metalik

  • Light Combo – Any Combo with X/Square
  • Grab Combo – Any Combo with B/Circle
  • Light Grapple Attack – While standing in entrance of Gran, press B/Circle + X/Square
  • Heavy Combo – Any Combo with A at ringside
  • Heavy Attack – Hit A at ringside
  • Diving Attack on Gran (X/Square or A/X) whereas Gran is down at ringside
  • Front Running Grapple – While working in direction of Gran (LT/L2), hit B to do a Running Grapple
  • Diving Attack on Gran in ring whereas Gran is standing – Same controls as with earlier Diving Attack, however use Up on D-Pad to do Wake-Up Taunt if opponent is down
  • Do large injury on Gran
  • Do one other Grab Combo
  • Do one other Front Running Grapple
  • Middle Rope Diving Attack – In nook, press RB/R1 + both A/X or X/Square

Payback 2021 vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy (with Dominik Mysterio)

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