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X just pulled the plug on its circuits feature

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X (formerly Twitter) announced today that it will discontinue the Circles feature later this year. The company said about a supporting pillar That you won’t be able to create new posts or add people to your circle after October 31st.

X is deprecating circles as of October 31, 2023. After that date, you will not be able to create new posts restricted to your circle, nor will you be able to add people to your circle. However, you can remove people from your circle.

You can remove people from your circle by going to their account page and unfollowing them. Once unfollowed, they will be removed from your circle and will no longer be able to see your previous posts in the circle. To stay connected, you can follow these users again, but they will not be added to your circle.

Launched in August 2022, Twitter circles allow users to create posts (then known as tweets) for a select audience. This gives users the flexibility to choose who can interact with their content on a post-post basis. They can choose whether to share a post with all their followers or just those in their circle.

Users can create circles of up to 150 people which they can add or remove at any point in time. A post or tweet shared with a circle carries a green badge and can only be viewed by people who are part of it. However, users who are part of a circle cannot repost or share the post.

X (then Twitter) said at the time Circles was a “highly requested feature” available on Android, iOS and the web. The feature received an “overwhelmingly positive” response during its testing phase.

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