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X Pro users must obtain a X Premium subscription Aroged

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Initially the X Pro service was still free. Now users must take out a X Premium subscription and use it.

In advance of this month, the former TweetDeck was converted to XPro. Now, with no mention of them, a space has been added: X. The name change has happened a day after a larger rebranding: From Twitter to X. It became known as early as Elon Musk took the social media giant as an everything app – as if it were a Chinese weChat. The name “Tumblr” wouldn’t match that, and X would’ve, according to Musk.

TweetDeck was always a free service. As well as the old name, the free nature of the service is going over the bow: X Pro is going to become a paying service. To use that, users aren’t forced to buy a specific X Pro subscription. The former Blue on Twitter complied with X Pro’s license.

The service was already known before the name change. In July 3, Xs support account announced that a new version of TweetDeck would be live. The service was still free for thirty days until that new version sold out. After those 30 days, a X Premium subscription would be required to use X Pro according to the July 3 post.

Is it too late for the event?

This change seems a little too late. The support page for X Premium doesn’t show any things about X Pro yet. There, the social media site is talking about all the other benefits that such a subscription brings, but not about the technical services.

To use Twitter Blue from now on, you’ll need to get an ad. As far as X Pro, an annual subscription is already available for ten thousand euros per month or an eighty thousand euros per year. The condition is that you take out the subscription via a web browser. Anyone who listens to the Apple or Android app who listens to the subscription pays 11 euros per month or 114.99 per year without any additional benefits.

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