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Xbox 360 Sales | S passed the mark of twenty millions u.s. units

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sales of new Xbox consoles mark 20 million units per year of the success of the Xbox One generation.

In the period of the year, sales of game consoles across the world came to a range of different ages from 27 to 31 November.

Switch 932 599 unitsPlaystation 5 698 791 unitsXbox Series X | S 591,167 unitsPlaystation 4 5 815 unitsXbox One 117 units!

The console sales totaled for every price, as of December 3 o’clock, are as follows:

Switch 118,202,128 unitsPlaystation 5 28,255,097 unitsXbox Series X | S 20,255,744 unitsPlaystation 4 117,033,125 unitsXbox One 51,278,915 units

Please remind us that the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 are on the list of the most sought-after gifts this Christmas season.


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