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Xbox Announces CoD: MWII Multiplayer Free Access Event, You Don’t Need Xbox Live Gold

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The banner for the CoD MW2 Multiplayer Access Free event

XBox announced that players can play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIFree multiplayer mode this weekend. Unlike the Free Play Days events, the CoD: MWII The Free Access Multiplayer event does not require Xbox Live Gold to play. The event is active now until Monday at 10am PT.

As part of the event, gamers will be able to play multiplayer games on several maps including Farm 18, El Asilo and Shipment. Playable modes include Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination and Kill Confirmed. You can also play each of these modes in third person. Further explaining the third-person versions of the game, Xbox said:

“Get a fresh perspective on Modern Warfare II’s new third-person playlists. In this version, the camera is positioned back over your operator’s shoulder, giving a better view of your overall environment, providing a unique gameplay experience compared to the traditional first-person view.”

Those who decide to join the Multiplayer Free Access event will have to install an additional download to start playing. The event is already live so if you don’t have Xbox Live Gold, you can jump online for free this weekend.

For those who like free access to games, it doesn’t look like Microsoft is bringing any Free Play Days games this week unless it decides to announce them later today.


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