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Xbox boss Phil Spencer says he’s “always wanted us to go back and revisit MechAssault”

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One of the first online multiplayer games for Microsoft’s first Xbox console was MechAssault. Now, current Xbox boss Phil Spencer has admitted that he wants to see a new game in this series.

Spencer said these things during a panel interview this week at the Tokyo Game Show. User X (formerly Twitter) Idle Sloth Posted a video clip of Spencer responding to a question about which Xbox games he would like to see again:

I’ve always wanted us to go back and go back to a MechAssault MechWarrior kind of space. I think there is a lot we can do. There is so much in this whole franchise that in a way I think is ahead of its time, and it would be nice to revisit.

Spencer quickly stated that there is no concrete plan right now to renew MechAssault game so his comments shouldn’t be considered a “leak” of any upcoming game. However, he did add, “, , that would be nice.”

MechAssault Set in the sci-fi universe of BattleTech where giant institutes keep order in the galaxy. Developed by Day 1 Studios, the game was a third-person shooter where players could go on missions to destroy vehicles, buildings, and other facilities along with multiplayer games. sequel: MechAssault 2: Lone WolfReleased by Day 1 and Microsoft in December 2004.

Although there may not be anything new MechAssault Games Coming Soon Developer Piranha Games recently announced plans for a new single-player game set in the same universe. MechWarrior 5: Clans is expected to be released on PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms in 2024.

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