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Xbox console sales received a big boost in the UK, thanks in part to the launch of Starfield

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Xbox hardware sales underperformed in the UK in 2023. Xbox Series S and X console sales were down 23% year-over-year through the end of August, according to GfK data. However, the week ending September 2nd saw great news on the Xbox sales front in this country.

Gamesindustry.biz Xbox Series S and X sales are reported to be up 76 percent week-on-week in the UK that week, again according to figures from Gfk. The story added:

GfK gaming boss Dorian Bloch says this week is the biggest this year (so far) for Xbox Series S and X hardware sales in the UK. Meanwhile, the week ending September 9 is currently the second best week.

As usual, the data does not reveal specific unit sales numbers for the consoles.

This new increase in Xbox console sales is likely due to two factors. One is the release of Starfield, a sci-fi RPG that is an Xbox console exclusive. The game launched in Early Access on September 1st in the UK, and Gfk stated that the Xbox Series X had a 46 percent increase in sales for the week ending September 2nd.

The second factor is the release of the Black 1TB Xbox Series S, which costs a little more compared to the standard white version of the console. Gfk said this model contributed 20 percent of all Xbox console sales in the UK in the week ending September 9.

The big question is whether Microsoft can maintain this momentum or not. The company has another big first-party game, Forza MotorsportIt should be launching in October and could also help boost sales of the console.

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