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Xbox Game Studios has under 12 games currently available

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The in-house studios of Xboxs work with the Xbox Game Studios. The group includes the work of 343 Industries, Obsidian, The Coalition, Rare and many others. But Microsoft’s gaming division has a separate publishing house, which works with external partners Xbox Game Studios Publishing. Projects that are created by the Microsoft Games creators are created and created by external studios (most often independent) as exclusives for Microsoft. The Ori series or Microsoft Flight Simulator are some of the games released by the publisher.

In 2021, it appears that the Xbox Game Studios Publishing team worked on at least 4 games. At least 12 of those projects are in development now.

Since we worked on quite a few projects in the past, there were almost half a dozen games that we worked on. Each of these projects is completely unique and we approach them individually.

Many of the games that developed by the Xbox Game Studios Publishing team are already known, such as Towerborne from the Stoic studio, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 from Asobo, Project Dragon from IO Interactive and several others. But hardly anything is announced yet.

PlayStation 3 is fully supporting the development of this game, and from the moment they are released, they’ll go to Game Pass.

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