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Xbox has begun to make prices worse in India, undermining Sony’s recent critics

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Microsoft had to raise the price of the Xbox Series S price again in India, despite the criticism of Sony’s CEO Phil Spencer for its ph5 rise back in September 2022. This is the second time the price for the Xbox Series S has been raised in India. Both consoles have only now risen a few months ago as we reported in November 2022. Spencer said it was important to keep prices while during the holiday period.

Xbox follows PlayStation in price increases once again.

As of this weekend, analyst Rishi Alwani reports on Twitter that the Xbox Series S is going to have another price hike from 37,990 rupees to 39,990 rupees. By converting that to US dollars, is that about an increase from around $460 to $484.

This price hike might be limited to India but Microsoft could test the Xbox series console’s price hike in the foreign markets before the US and Europe of the same name in the same way.

As of now, the customer has an edge over the cost of the product, stating that we won’t want to raise the prices on our consoles to make it more efficient than ever.

In December 2022, Microsoft announced that its first-party games would cost 70 $ for Xbox X|S in 2023, followed Sonys similar price hike for its first-party games in 2020.


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