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XPeng AeroHT is a flight-electric car worth three hundred dollars

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In November, XPeng demonstrated in Dubai the ability of an aero-powered electric vehicle, developed by the same name as the one it runs, to get into the air at tens of meters using 8 propellers and 4 electric motors. It was later carried out a test flight for the company’s native Guangzhou. And the company intends to bring a production version by 2025 in the company’s name, a price of about $140,000.

Source of pictures: XPeng AeroHT.

The existing prototype of a flying electric car is in the sixth generation of the new generation, and is one of the few vehicles that allow the most of the time to move on the ground, and only in rare cases that the people would rise into the sky. We believe 90% of the time a car moves perfectly on the Earth’s surface, and it must’ve taken off, for some time only to overcome many outstanding obstacles or traffic jams. Even though the developers consider the main challenge not technological challenges, such as the creation of enough light traction batteries, but the regulatory restrictions are also imposed. In the pilot’s car, everything is just aggravated by the fact that if the pilots don’t have a chance, they’ll not be able to take advantage of the need to get a license from the pilot.

The developer explained that the flying electric car is now equipped with experimental Chinese-designed batteries and four electric motors. AeroHT expects that the cost of the machine in its serial incarnation won’t exceed 40,000 dollars. XPeng AeroHT has a specialized facility in Guangzhou and research centers have a location in Shenzhen and Shanghai. After the investment from XPeng, the AeroHT workforce had just over 10 people, so it grew to 700. In 2021, the startup managed to get about 500 million dollars in finance. The capitalization of the business is estimated at about 1,5 billion dollars. Despite being a strategic investor, XPeng isn’t the only one to believe in the success of the idea, many US-backed venture capital companies have already invested in AeroHT’s capital.

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