XSEED Games Releases Special 2022 Recap Video


XSEED Games decided to bring the end of the year off with a brand new video showing off their work in 2022. Nevertheless, a video like this will promote all the games you’ve released over the past calendar year, and the messages they sent out will be very interesting to you. If you have no doubt that they want to buy the game, this is one huge commercial. Whenever you don’t have the holiday ad-related problems to do, or are still able to buy a video game for yourself, you don’t have any direct title on your mind. But it isn’t all promotion for what’s out now, as they also included some information on what they’re going to release in 2023 with some of their games stoked about. Enjoy the video below as we say “You want to be good on ya, XSEED!”

Credit: XSEED Games.

The arcade games launched a movie-trial in 1842, whose games come into play. New editions of the most action-oriented zombie game received from fans of older titles, called No More Heroes 3, a novel and anti-slash, with tropes and jokes from the mind of SUDA51, and the totally untitled sequel Deadcraft. XSEED Games has been opening two hundred films for the year 2023. The biggest of all new titles will be upcoming like the 8th version of its new storybook: Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories, a time-travel RPG, Loop 8: Summer of Gods and the recently announced Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Director’s Cut – which aims at defying the craziest underbelly of Akihabara This publisher will release more information as to soon as 2023 “For the best of new titles and more exciting books.”


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