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Yatoro has predictions on Dota 2 and 7.34 ahead of TI 12and why one of the top picks is trash

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Yatoro is trialling several meta-Dota-Oster heroes this week, and he believes Phantom Assassin is trash and overrated even though the hype is rising. He’s impressed with Gyrocopter instead of stating that it’s a popular choice at the International 2023 event.

This is the murder of a magician. I think it’s trash, to be honest. I think she’s overrated, he said in Nixs Twitch earlier this week. Yatoro explained that if she won a lane, it takes her a long time to catch up, which often lacks time to do in the current meta.

The winner of the TI race saw other meta-defensive heroes benched, like Wraith King, Naga Siren, and Faceless Void, which were, in spite of the most widely contested titles of Riyadd Masters, one of the most contested heroes of the year. His win rate on them this week is 60 to 75 percent according to the D2PT, but he’s been swooned by Gyrocopter.

Yatoro admitted that a slow movement speed around the map is not ideal but he thinks the buffs to Flak Cannon, Rocket Barrage and Side Gunner in Patch 7.34 have turned the cool hero into an absolute powerhouse. He said that everyone was going to pick him.

I don’t mention anything about other roles, but this is the symbol of the evolution of Nature: Prophet, Vengeful Spirit, and Witch Doctor becoming meta-competents also at The International 2023. Both of these are well-liked by the gastronomic instrument; therefore, the Team Spirit will probably pick some of them to run alongside them.

It would probably be a shame to see Yatoro play Phantom Assassin at the event, but since it’s his fourth most-played hero, it would be foolish to let it in. It won’t likely be his No. 1 choice, though.

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