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Yeast – the Iron Age: Release Date Added

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Relive or write War Stories This October, and read it in its entirety.

Europe’s northernmost countries carry an epic history of war, filled with resistance, cooperation, neutrality and relentless battles. These tales are set to go on display in Hearts of Iron IV: Arms against Tyranny, about the month before October 10th.

Winter becomes allies: Arms against Tyranny: The Age of Fall!

The new expansion pack, Arms Against Tyranny, takes the acclaimed grand strategy wargame, Hearts of Iron IV, by Paradox Interactive, to new heights. Players with respect to Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are able to take care of their historical data. The Finnish Winter War against the Soviet Union puts an emphasis on the threatening effect of the occupation by players defending the homeland against almost impossible odds.

Pre-ordering and Featured.

New Focus Trees and military Customization.

  • Finnish national focus tree: Balance democracy between threats, build a defensive army or collaborate with neighboring tyrants.
  • Swedish National Focus Tree: Unify Scandinavia’s resistance or become an ally in ideologies.
  • Danish and Norwegian Focus Trees Prepare small nations for the coming storm of war.
  • Military Industrial Organizations: Customize your equipment production to suit your needs.
  • International Arms Market: Sell arms global, building the civil servant capacity.

A special pre-order bonus is added.

Expansion from Tyranny: Pre-ordering Arms provides access to a unique version of the famous Sakkijarven polkka produced by Magnus Ringblom. The Finnish troops use that song to jam radio transmitters in order to break down minefields. This new arrangement is a sign of Finnish genius.

Major Free Update to All Players.

The launch of Arms against Tyranny comes with the introduction of a substantial free update for all Hearts of Iron IV players. The story of the historical National Focus tree is all familiar with Finland.


Hearts of Iron IV: Arms against Tyranny will be available on October 10, 2023 for $19.99/16.75/19.99.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows 9.

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