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Yiwha Yteon joins God in Last Big Update

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Netmarble recently released an all-new update for Tower of God, which allows players to play a new character named Yiwha Yteon. You’re basically getting a new mage who can wield fire a few different things, putting more of a temperous chaos into the mix. With her inclusion comes five new events, all listed here, as the update is available on iOS and Android.

Credit: Netmarble

“Towers can use to win the enemy’s game adding a new teammate SSR Yeon (Sermon user), aellow element, Mage, a sound controller. There’s also an old costume for Yihwa Yeon and the “Lively Freshmen”. Act 6 of Main Story. This latest edition updated a game for the Final Test and two games where players can read the final story of the Season 1 of the original webcomic. Aside from the Adventure Chapter 26th and 27th Floor Starlight Cave, the Skyscraper Hallway offers a lot of equipment, including in-game currency, monetary and more, as well as advanced options. Players can get the new boss for a moment in the Underground Laboratory. For example, S1 is now available in Shinsu Link where players can score up to 320 after breaking it. A newly added Simulation function allows players to allies or enemies in Arena to simulate their battles anytime.

  • Yurgoslav’s Yorgoslavij (Sept. 30-Sept. 13): When playing with new teammate Yihwa Yeon, you can get more rewards besides Suspendium.
  • This means that their accumulation has increased by two times since the beginning of this year.
  • Organizing the Alliance expedition event. Engage the team, which cooperates with members in this special event divided into two phases – the search and the hagasz phase. In the battle between the teams and the teamwork, players can use Alliance Weapons to activate Alliance Skill. While the Boss is completed, Alliance Points are earned according to the amount of damage dealt to the Boss and the amount of money it was worth to obtain from the Boss to determine the Alliance Ranking. Once the season ends, rewards like Alliance Coin, Tri-Essence Facility, Ranker Alliance Border and more will be given.

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