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You can’t drive in certain cities since yesterday if you have one of these cars!

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Please take the time to watch your car by means of the other car.

Published on the 20th of the year 2008 at 09:20.

As every year as January 1: A whole host of new regulations come into effect, such as the review of the minimum wage, tax-revoked gas and electricity taxes or, so far, a tightering of controls and a further access to certain areas to the most polluting vehicles.

No matter what happened here, in the place of SMIC, retirement, real estate or automobile, there’s everything that has changed since the 1st of January.

Every year, the same story, new regulations and changes to existing laws will be introduced on January 1st. If the last three years of President Macron had been marked by an increase in the price of tobacco for a whole year, and the last time that it was a long time ago to raise the packet to 10, we present the principal measures for 2023:

The price of gas has increased from 1 to 2 %The value of the restaurant ticket now stands at 13The Navigo pass is now $12 at 75.20 to 84.10Debosable packaging is forbidden in fast food restaurants in a store for at-home tasting. A green stamp disappears from the restaurant on-site.

Some people cringe a lot with these measures, as well as more, namely to limit the entry of certain vehicles into the sogenannte ZFE zone.

Since January 1, 2023, the standard 5 vehicles will be banned in Ile-de-France from the mandatory ZFEs and the standards 3 exceptions.

The European Union approved a vast energy transition plan aimed at banning the sale of thermal vehicles by 2035 of the best possible time, but is still preparing for this, but it also intends to make life difficult for the most polluting cars for beginning before gradually reprimanding the motorists toward the purchase of electric vehicles.

Once on January 1, 2025, only vehicles with the Euro 5 and Euro 6 standard, which also benefit from the green Critair sticker, 1 or 2 to drive in one of the 43 low emission zone, which’s more commonly called ZFE. This is a real problem with all agglomerations with more than 150 000 inhabitants.

There are only 11 ZFEs currently on the territory, namely, Greater Paris, Lyon, Aix-Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Rouen, Reims, Saint-Etienne.

And since January 1, all vehicles with a critair 5 sticker (vehicles made available between January 1 and December 31, 2000) have been temporarily banned from these areas. The fine is 78 euros for light vehicles and 135 euros for heavy goods.

July 1: 2023: ban on driving for the eve of the zee-tests by yekna yekna fsiknabni nyeknab boekna nyuknaana zostovaznyrzekna zrznekstwo zyzzju. Jan 51, 2024: extension for ye

Finally, some ZFEs have some stricter rules, such as Paris, which has enforced the rule on the Critair 3 and + vehicles since 1st of January, so check this out about you.

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