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You do a lot of crazy in any MMO festivals

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In general, if you decide, you don’t like special holiday deals. They break the monotony up, reunify the community and engage us in all sorts of goofy, non-combat activities. A MMO will hold a great event so you know you’ll have a big deal to attend around the next year.

And yet.

And yet festivals push me out. I wish they wouldn’t, but they do. Their time-limited nature combined with desirable rewards mean I have to figure out whether my real-world schedule allows me to do and get everything I want. It’s even worse when a festival rolls around in an awkward time, so I may not allow a developer to ask me for anything.

Do MMO holidays and festivals ever take pressure? Do you feelholdened to them, or angry by the weight of time limitations? Would you like to give up in revolt and defend against them? Does that last question make no sense?

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