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Your core 6 save is at risk. Here’s how to protect it

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Due to the very seriousness of the fight in Armored Core 6, having to redo a fight that has already lost you in a battle, sounds simple Sisypheanbut exactly what PC players are risking now following the adage of save data arose this past week.

Although the venerable FromSoftware is known for its high level of polish and lack of bugs, there’s always the chance that something to break through any system’s cracks, no matter how sophisticated it is.

In this case, it’s too bad that FromSoftware took the time to testify on the X (formerly Twitter) account on Aug. 30. In short, the AC6 PC will sometimes be unable to save data, possibly ruining you time, and even while the developer has not identified an obvious cause, it warns players against going to room or play while the game’s still running.


ORSOFTWARE PLAYER SUPPORT (@fromsoftware_sp) 31 August 2023.

A translation of the tweet says that an issue was identified related to saving an error that, in some circumstances, may be contaminated with data in the PC version of AC6. The computer suddenly gets hacked or is locked out. FromSoftware is looking into the problem and wants to implement a solution for the PC as soon as possible.

While serious PC gamers may seem easy to understand, people forget and accidents happen on their own, but with a resounding solution, please make sure you check whether everything is saved properly.

This is one of the rare cases where paranoia is totally justified. After all, you don’t want to face any of the greatest, most challenging, fights of all time, without you having to hit New Game Plus.

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Since there’s no manual save available, that may be simpler said than done. If you’re going to want any further updates from FromSoftware, be sure to follow up! If it’s possible to play on PC, if the fact is it’s not on your pc that you don’t have any trouble, you can run back right back to your mech fighting without worry.

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