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Your Lucky Day director honors the late star Angus Cloud Before the film will be released

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The world found out that Euphorias Angus Cloud passed away at 25. After his release, the crime thriller Your Lucky Day will be celebrated by director Dan Brown.

Angus Clouds causes death because it was accidental overdoses of methmeth, cocaine, fentanyl and benzodiazepines. When an actor dies so young you wonder what direction their life would’ve gone in as they got older. Dan Brown, the director of The affluent movie Where Lucky Day he directed, told Variety that he expects more work with the 25-year-old.

Maybe because I’m a dad, I consider directing some things to be considered as a father to your show. You’re there to look after them, said Brown. I was thinking about my future. I thought that I would watch this movie together and I would tell you to Angus, Hey, look how good you are. I was hoping that would get her more parts. I was hoping I might see him in a lot.

I would really have wondered what could’ve been for Angus Cloud. He played the guitar with the most talent of Euphoria. His greatest weapon was if he played Fezco, the drug dealer with a heart of gold. In fact, his role in Lucky Day would be similar to what he did in the street averaging a winning lottery ticket from the store he accidentally killed in a shopping mall shootout. The director/director revealed he’d like to see that movie.

You know that you don’t make a movie for everybody to see. So I have all this power, so as to see it for him. I only hoped he would have loved it. And I hoped he was proud of himself.

How did Angus Cloud get the role for the Lucky Day?

He barely had a film for the forthcoming movie North Hollywood during Angus Clouds in Euphoria. Why did Dan Brown decide that the young actor was perfect for his lead? It’s actually after the screenplay of his wife, who watched all episodes of Euphoria. She recommended that Fezco plays Sterling. When the call was answered, Brown was very happy to see the name of Clouds on the list. Even though the director saw a lot of audition tapes and had alternatives, Brown still felt Cloud was the right person for this role. Since one Zoom meeting, that television star would be doing his first film lead role.

We always talk about acting listening. And I think Angus has done that better than almost anyone that I’ve ever seen. People would say their lines and then he would come in with that and respond to it. He said, he’d just heard it himself.

The last text message Dan Brown sent to Angus Cloud was that Your Lucky Day was coming to an amazing start. When the movie was told about Cloud passing away a few weeks after his 25th birthday, the film concluded. After his death, the filmmaker decided that the movie was incomplete without saying and concluding the story.

Brown says that mine isn’t really mine anymore. It is really for her.

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