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YouTube gets more aggressive in pushing adblock warnings with countdown timer

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YouTube continues ramping up its efforts to push more users to its paid Premium subscription. The platform has begun testing a new anti-adblocker popup version aimed at non-paying (non-Premium) viewers.

According to a new Reddit post, the updated warning includes a countdown timer in the top right corner, indicating how long the user has left to take action before the ad plays. Based on initial reports, the timer appears to run for 30-60 seconds.

The rest of the warning box remains the same, explaining the benefits of YouTube Premium and providing the options to “Allow YouTube Ads” or “Try YouTube Premium.”

A screenshot of the new warning popup was shared on Reddit. Several users confirmed seeing the timed warning as well, indicating YouTube is currently testing this with a limited number of accounts.

YouTube adblock warning with timer

In June, YouTube limited viewers to three videos when an ad blocker was detected. It then allowed users to allow ads or try YouTube Premium, which gives users an ad-free experience for a monthly fee.

The platform has been aggressively pushing users to its premium offering, which removes ads entirely. Earlier this year, YouTube launched a “1080p Premium” video quality with a higher bit rate. Last week, this video option became available for desktop.

The timed warning represents YouTube’s latest tactic to wear down non-paying adblocker users. While workarounds like VPNs and some browsers like Brave exist, these are temporary fixes. YouTube likely has measures planned to counter such methods.

Meanwhile, many users resist Premium due to the service’s rising costs. A recent price increase brought the individual monthly fee to $13.99 in the US. But prices remain lower in markets like India.

The backlash over YouTube’s intrusive promotions continues to grow. But the Google-owned company shows no signs of backing off the strategy. The timed warning box is likely the next phase in YouTube’s ongoing efforts to push more ad blocker users into paid subscriptions.

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