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YouTube is canceling the Premium Lite tier in all countries where it is available

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YouTube has emailed users of its Premium Lite tier to let them know that the EUR 6.99 plan will disappear from October 25, 2023. If you’ve never heard of this tier, it’s because it’s only available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

With YouTube Premium Lite, subscribers can get an ad-free YouTube experience. However, it differs from other versions of YouTube Premium, as you don’t have access to YouTube Music or the ability to download videos for offline viewing.

For those affected by the change, it will be a big step up in terms of pricing if customers want to continue to experience YouTube without ads. In other European countries such as France and Germany, customers spend €11.99 per month.

In an email to subscribers, YouTube said that Premium Lite will no longer be available after October 25, 2023. It acknowledged that the change will be disappointing news for customers, but it continues to work on different versions of Premium Lite using feedback from users, creators, and partners.

While YouTube didn’t raise the issue in the email, it appears the platform has increased the number and length of ads it shows users. This could be related to a drop in ad revenue since the beginning of the year. If Google intends to maintain the current level of ads after the revenue increase, it may not think that rank The Premium Lite worth 6.99 euros brings in enough money more.

Whatever the reason, users in select European countries will have to get used to paying more or put up with ads. Given YouTube’s comments, it will be interesting to see if it reintroduces a similar tier in the future and in additional markets. There are probably quite a few people who will pay for a reduced premium tier if it means they can avoid ads.

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