Yue Mikos height in Genshin Impact, how old and when is her birthday?


Yae Miko plays an electrocatalyst in Genshin Impact. The author of the mystical family of the ancient tyrants and the priestess of the Great Temple of Narukami, the head of the Yae Publishing House, there are no other ones in the mystical world. While the Archon’s son and the best friend are the servants and enemies, she is the one who prepares the Traveler for the battle with the Shogun Raiden in the archon quest Volume II Chapter 3 of the Paradised Dead World. Her work is helping to overcome the toughs and solve the mysteries of the entire region.

As it’s known as Kitsune, such truth is impossible. As long as you find out how hard it is to do it, more people want to do that. That is the reason why in this article we tell the truth. It’s not hidden by a halo of mystery, namely: Yae Mikos height, age and age.

Kye Miko he was heightened by his height.

The character of the high priest uses a tall female body model. Yae Mikos height is 170 cm.

The picture shows a fuller, full sleeve of Yae Miko from all sides.

How old is Yae Miko?

Kitsune has long lived memories because she’s a family member. In one of the slain scenes of the Inazumas storyline were events that took place 500 years ago, in which a young priest participated at that time, too. In addition, she has five tails, a total that is more than 100 years old for the representatives of this species.

Since then, Yae Miko is over 500. Guji is a 20-27-year-old guy.

When is the birthday of Yae Mikos?

The birthday of Yae Mikos goes on the 27th of June. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. This information can be found in the main character section of the menu at Paimon. The Character Gallery in the Paymon menu has information about this, even if the sheo is not on the account.

Since Kitsune is celebrating her birthday, she sends a letter to the en-game mailbox, with the attention of some staff, a portion of the special meal of theirs, Udon Noodles for Luck (Move) which is poured from Udon Noodles recipe.

It is noteworthy that two letters come from Yae in a row: the first of them on Raiden’s name day, she reports about in the message and the second of its own days. Don’t forget to join in the game with regards to the receiving of your messages and gifts.

We hope our article helped us learn more about how tall Yae Miko is, her age and her exact date of birth.


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