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Zeraora VSTAR, Radiant Eternatus and more cards emerged from Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith

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The Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith set has been the talk of the town since the announcement in November 2022. This is the last set of cards that are based on the Pokemon Sword and Shield era. Although the release date for Jan. 20 has been out for months, crown Zenith cards have been appearing on the internet in waves, including an VSTAR Lucario, Altaria, and more.

The latest batch of cards that have emerged was particularly exciting because there are five totals, including Zeraora VSTAR, Radiant Eternatus, Bea (autographed), Miltank and Melony.

The Zeraora VSTAR is the most magical man of all time. It’s strong and colorful, and is loaded with 270 HP and two impressive moves. Crushing Beat and Lightning Storm Starthe, and latter of which is a VSTAR Power.

Image by the Pokemon Company.

Radiant Eternatus, however, isn’t all that far behind. Like other Radicant cards, the movie, which is about the Shiny version of the legendary Poison and Dragon-type Pokemon introduced in the Eighth Generation, is completely portable, yet there is a powerful symbol movement.

This autographed Bea card sounds pretty good, meaning that some GM will probably have similar variants (but not Melony in this case, which is a standard one).

And of course forget the Miltank incident. I might not help get a certain point from Zeraora VSTAR and Radiant Eternatus. But the art seems unbelievable and can be hard-disgusted at all.

In a few weeks, they will replace all of the earlier cards that have been revealed in the past two years.

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