All of Pokemon’s Pokémon (Punka): Silver Tempest, Part 29: Lugia


In November 2022, Pokemon TCG released the final Series set of the Sword & Shield era. The expansion, Sword & Shield Silver Tempest, went out on September 9th, 2022. It is the twelfth set under the Sword and Shield banner, and adapts the Japanese setsIncandescent Arcana andParadigm Trigger, with its trainer gallery subset putting on the cards from VitMAX Climax. The silver-inspired Sword andamp; Shield-themed Tempest continue by the Radiant Pokémon, as well as the Trainer Gallery, with special subset of Rare Characters, Super Rares, Full Art Trainers, and Sword andamp; Shield Brilliant Stars that began in the first set of the year. We’ll be exploring this new set by understanding the art, discuss the location of the card in the set, and understand what certain elements of the expansion might be meant for the future of Pokemon TCG. Today, the most famous artist of all time of the hobby delivers stunning Pokemon v for Lugia in Sword & Shield Silver Tempest.

Silver swarm cards. Get your recollection of the Pokemon TCG game.

Even when Liugia V byMitsuhiro Arita was first revealed in the Paradigm Trigger set, it wasn’t apparent to me that irrespective of the way a variation of the Japanese Art appeared, there could be no difference between a different one and the other. The art of Alt Art, now very good, got to look good but I was of course right. Look at it right now. There’s something more beautiful.

Arita, the artist of the iconic masterpiece Base Set Charizard, the most iconic trading card art of all time, makes Lugia look like a god of the sea, announcing the film’s theme 2000. This painting is so gorgeous and so stylish, this piece goes beyond what everyone would’ve expected on a normal Pokemon-V. I hope we continue to see the cards as that hobby moves from Vs to ex cards in theScarlet andamp; Violet era.

Keep your eyes on the story behind this Lugia & Alolan Vulpix themed set, as we continue to spotlight the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Silver Tempest. Next time, the focus is on this expansion.


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