Besides the top laners, in KSante, the leagues’ first wave of balance changes in 2023 would be nerfed if teams were to join the league in some form or more in the first wave


Riot Games is ringing in the new year with a ten-day playoff coming to the League of Legends roster of champions. The first major update, patch 131, of the games and the first of the new season, will also be the first of its kind. Riot released details of the balancing in a patch preview earlier today.

The seventh frog from Summoners Rift among those balance changes coming with the first leg of the season is to win nerfs across the seven champions. And a lot of laners will be left and left with their focus.

13.1 Update the product preview. They are altered with yellow letters a moment ago. Anyone who really wants to change in 14.2?

Phlox (@RiotPhlox) January 4, 2023.

Four of the seven champions nerfed in the patch 13.1 are predominantly top laners, with Aatrox, Dr. Mundo, Fiora and KSante all set to be hit by the nerf bat. The fifth highest laner, Mordekaiser, was set to be nerfed in the patch, but his scheduled changes were announced, Riot announced.

The heaviest nerfs of the champions will win Patch 13.1 for KSante. The damage he takes out through his passive, doomed or not, while the health damage he receives through his Path Maker are reduced. The champions will also cut the speed of movement by one step.

Aatroxs damage from Deathbringer Stance (P) and healing, from World Ender (R), are both being decreased, while Fioras damage throughput via her passive, Duelists Dance, is taking a hit. The final champion in the lane to see nerfs in the next patch is taking a chunk of his base power to go down, cutting it from 653 to 613.

Rammus base stats are all being chipped on the top lane of the road. Including his health, a condition of pain, and his base armor, all were taken to the top of the street. The damage of Yuumis Prowling Projectile (Q) is falling seriously since its late-game production is being nerfed. Zeri, like Yuumi, has also numbed her Q, particularly by having its late-game damage reduced.

The nerfs, but also buffs to six champions and other points have changed the odds. However, once patch 13.1 is out now, the game will live on Jan. 10 according to the official games’ schedule.


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