Heroes & Generals – How to Track Battle Graph Progress

Heroes & Generals - How to Track Battle Graph Progress

Want to know for individuals who’re on time to full the Battle Pass ? Here’s a tip !

How it actually works

Here is the Libreoffice Calc doc you wish to insert your progress and know in case you’re on schedule:

The solely information you have to insert is the current ranking you’ve got acquired on the end of each day. Refer to the “days left” indication inside the game lobby. For exemple: If you see “90 days left” then insert your ranking inside the line “D-90”). You have 90 days to full the 12-tier Battle Pass (the first one is given with out spending a dime, so actually it’s a 11-tier transfer). Each day begins at midnight UTC+0. To carry on schedule, it is important to win approximatively 2 500 elements per day. You additionally pays with gold to realize the following tier (1 gold ≈ 21 elements).

To get hold of the graph, click on on here[drive.google.com]

Good luck in your progress.

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