Just Dance 2023 is a faulty code, while you connect on the controller, confirms Ubisoft


Just Dance 2023 is an icon of the rhythm games and is the 14th installment of the just dance series. Ubisoft also introduced an A-Day service, called JustDance+.

This service is able to find a great number of songs from previous games and also some new and exclusive tracks.

It’s possible to enjoy this game on popular consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation and Xbox, but fans and critics say they have mixed feelings.

Like any other game, Just Dance 2023 has its share of bugs and issues. If you do not have the power to connect or connect a controller and the game, you’re not alone.

Just dance 2023 incorrect code when connecting your phone.

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple players are now experiencing difficulties while playing their mobile devices as a controller. That bug seems to both have affected Android and iPhone users.

In order to pair their phones, one must install the Just Dance Controller app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Watch App Store. It helps to connect a phone to the game by pairing the hardware.

The problem, according to the rumors, is that players receive an uncorrect code while trying to pair their mobile phones with the Just Dance play.

Even after repeated attempts, they receive this error message.


@UbisoftSupport I’ve got a problem connecting to Just Dance 2023 when the recent app update is over. The same code was entered, but says I have the wrong code. This is probably the case with the recent update to the app. Source

@UbisoftSupport I bought the dance dance 2023 on the Xbox s. I’m getting an omission code. I have connected the same Wi-Fi and reinstalled the app and game reinstalled. There’s no luck. You don’t care for solving the pairing issue. Source

As a result, the bug has been affecting gamers for a long time. Due to this, gamers can’t enjoy a fun-free gameplay.

A few updates have been released last week claiming to have fixed this persistent problem, but remains not resolved yet.

Normal problems such as reinstalling the controller on phones and reinstalling the original version of the game on consoles don’t appear to be working.

Official response

Although the developers officially acknowledged the problem, it is now being investigated. Although we need to note that there isn’t an official ETA available.


Also, some affected players had been asked to write in detail about this issue on Ubisoft’s Twitter handle.

Potential workaround

We saw some workingarounds that could help solve the problem for some Xbox owners. It is advisable to remove the game from the rapid-start menu and then try the matching again.

Unfortunately, many other console owners will have to wait for a while.

All in all, stay tuned for the problem where all the Just Dance players fail to connect their phones to the controller.

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