NASA warns about possible claims that Chinese people would be a threat to lunar territories


The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration believes Chinas success in space and moon exploration is a danger to Washingtons interests. NASA director Bill Nelson said that if taikonauts landed on the moon, China could claim resource-rich areas of Earths satellite and even stop US astronauts from going there.

Source: Wang Jiangbo/Xinhua/AP.

It’s a real story: was in a space race, according to the Politico newspaper. According to the NASA’s head, Washington must be careful, that Beijing doesn’t take a lie to the sway that is a lie in the mind of the people in the moon, in order to say that its presence is here – this is our territory.

China has actually made a huge leap in space exploration. Over the past few years, Beijing has launched a series of robotic landers and rovers, to collect lunar samples, even for the first time in the far East, and sent an orbiter, lander and rover to Mars.

The taikonauts will land on the moon by the end of the year. In December, the Chinese government announced new, ambitious projects such as space infrastructure and space control.

Liu Pengyu, the spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, said Beijing strongly denies such claims. Some United States officials say they are irresponsible to distort China’s normal and legitimate space activity, he told Politico. Space isn’t a battlefield. The study and application of space for peaceful purposes are the common cause of humanity, and it should help all, the spokesman said.

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