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NASAs Perseverance rover dumped the first of 10 test tubes in the future with Mars rock samples to be sent to Earth for research

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Since it was launched in February 2021 on Mars, Perseverance collected dust, rock and even air from Red Planet. The rover analyzes many of them by itself and collects other stuff in titanium test tubes to send them to the Earth in the future.

A mission called Mars Sample Return is still in the planning stage. Perseverance is expected to hand the samples over to robotic landers, which will place the test tubes in a special capsule in a small rocket. The capsule will move to another spacecraft that will try to get scientific samples from Earth (like to hunt for signs of life on the Red Planet), and investigate the possibility of it for a single day.

There’s a plan for a certain emergency in case a problem arises before the Sample Return robot arrives. The rover drops a pair of random samples, which includes a “fork” in the lake Crater, where special helicopters will then pick up the samples. On December 21st, Perseverance left there the first test tube with a sample of igneous rock, which he collected from South Seytakh on January 31st.

Perseverance received a vial, checked the CacheCam and then threw it 89 cm away. Next, a WATSON camera, equipped with one of the two-meter robotic arms of the rover, checked the slideability and did not roll away.



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REGISTER! The photograph from the WATSON Perseverance camera shows the discarded sample tube as planned. Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS.

Approximately the next two months, the remaining nine canels will be thrown into the Three Forks.

This video shows the Mars Sample Return mission in detail:

A recorded dust devil on Mars was 25 meters wide and 118 meters high by the Perseverance microphone. You can listen to him on YouTube now.

NASA, New Atlas, September 13, 2006.


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