Pokemon: Ash, Paksi, do you know them with heart? Our quiz!


Pokémon: Aya, Pikachu, do you really know them? Did you learn a quiz?

Posted on 11/01/2023 at 07:05.

You probably know it. In Pokemon animation, Sacha and Pikachu are pure pipo! Recent news has cooled up and a page writ turns. So, to make it more fun, here’s a quiz about that famous duo. Do you like to achieve a 10/10?

Sacha has just won the World Cup and will step down a bit soon. Yes, you are not dreaming after 25 seasons | more than 1,200 episodes, this is the end of the adventures of the famous hero and his faithful Pikachu. It should be said that in this final chapter, the pair returned the cut home, winning the World Coronation Tournament (the highest honour in the Pokemon universe) at home. In short, as promised, Sacha has become the best trainer. Are you the best at doing that, the pocket-monger program? Take our quiz, let’s get through.

Pokemon, a page turns, and the Pokemon change.

Sure, the Pokemon anime is separate from the anime anime, but it isn’t only from the licensing in general. People have grown up with these heroes by their side. Yes, the TV show arrived as soon as the first video games were, the last one, and then the card adaptation creates a snowball effect. As proof of that, the franchise of Pikachu and his friends is one of the most profitable of all time, a way for big names like Star Wars or Harry Potter.

Success isn’t ready to stop. Even though Ash and his lifelong friend don’t work anymore, Pokemon Company has announced a new Serie which will start in 2023. The new duo will feature Liko and Roy and their adventures in the Paldea area, the new Scarlet and Violet games. Of course, local creatures will be there also. According to some Internet users, Twitter seems to have thought the show has been around a long time in circles and this revival is going to happen right away. That’s a must on 25 years of the best trainer: a long course that doesn’t let him down with a drop of pace.

Pokemon Go Scarlet/Purple (Nintendo Switch 20, 2022)

A well-deserved goodbye.

So yes, it’s not all about the longer it’s, the better. We can’t wait to see what Liko and Roy are doing. Even though Season 25 of Ash and Pikachu already has begun, The Pokemon Company is planning special episodes (also airing in 2023) to give a closing point and give a glimpse of what the future holds to the heroes! One even said that a relationship between the best trainer and the heroine Liko who should have been admitted has a family resemblance. But we go out of direction. We are all here to answer the quiz. Now we’re off to a place and start.

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