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Pop fans are disappointed with Street Fighter 6 box art, meme on Luke’s face

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The fans of the fights are thrilled with the new Street Fighter 6 release on June 2, 2023. Numerous players praised the coming title, and already imagine it as a benchmark for the future, as far as the fighting game developers need. The Street Fighter 6 box art leaked online recently with the series being commissioned by Luke Sullivan.

Fans came to social media to express their discontent about the cover art. Since many are still voicing Street Fighter 6 a long time ago, they want this to-be groundbreaking entry in the series to represent the game as best as possible, and they don’t believe that Luke is the correct choice.

I do not do that much, but I want Capcom to be polite and to CHANGE THIS COVER. Street Fighter 6 will be a return to high quality for this series. This isn’t the person who wants to get into this idea. PRICES NOMBRE. Please. pic.twitter.com/89M00fMGbe.

Suzi Hunter (@TheSphereHunter) December 10, 2022.

Many fans have a problem with Luke being the focal point of the marketing. This is because of the wide variety of fighters featured in the game. Although fans don’t have a particular problem with Luke himself, the character in the cover and in the singleness of the characters are quite unique in terms of his own style. Even popular combat player Maximilian Dood shared his opinion about how to clean the image, though he disliked the comedy of that image more than any actual fixes. Regardless, its discontent with the show is the biggest highlight and is something Capcom might need to consider in 2023.

We are striving to fix what has been brokenearlier tonight on stream. #Tekken8 #StreetFighter6 pic.twitter.com/eq2i7XeIkT

Dood, Maximilian (@minimistic) December 10, 2022

There have been a few fan alternative cover art suggestions floating around on social media, with many still emphasising that Luke was one of the characters. All of the suggestions show that while Luke is still available, a number of other characters as well appear, detailling the vast diversity of characters in the game.

SF-6, ARO! Here’s the finished product. The main concern of this exercise was that you can keep up with the modern marketing trends while still taking in the attitude of a given game, not just a single opponent who takes a simple remark on the background. This means that you can maintain consistent efficiency across the globe, so you can become effective in the same direction as other professionals.

Matt McMuscles Hungry Wolf Back On The Prowl! (@MattMuscles) December 21, 2022.

I’ve been thinking of Street Fighter 6 a few months earlier. Capcom can help people respond to the discontent of change and bring them to the final product. Fans are hoping that Capcom listens, and were interested in what the final cover art will be when Street Fighter 6 officially arrives on the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Seris X and S, and PC on June 2 2023.


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