Soulslike action-RPG Mortal Shell can be claimed for free on the Epic Games Store


A free shell is provided at EGS

Epic Games Store has started offering a mortal shell As the penultimate freebie from the holiday gift bonanza that started two weeks ago. PC players can now claim the 2020 Souls experience for free, marking the first time the game has also appeared in one of Epic’s freebies.

a mortal shell Offers a dark fantasy world to explore and fight in, as you take over the bodies of various “shells” to achieve their unique fighting styles. Being a Nefesh Nefesh, there are tough enemies to deal with, mistakes are severely punished, and there are consequences to dying.

This is how developer Cold Symmetry describes the setup:

As the remains of humanity wither and rot, jealous enemies rise in the ruins. They spare no mercy, as survival requires awareness, precision and superior instincts. Follow hidden sanctuaries of devout followers and discover your true purpose.

a mortal shell free to sue On the Epic Games Store in the next 24 hours, a game that normally costs $29.99 when it’s not on sale.

With 14 daily gifts now in the bag, there’s only one more game left for the Epic Games Store to give away in 2022. It will be revealed and become active at 8am PT tomorrow, December 29th. The clue seems to point to Arkane’s Disrespectful dealership.


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