Spike Chunsoft: big project unveiled in 2023


In 2023 the publisher Spike Chunsoft, of which most famous series is probably Danganronpa, will unveil a big project. In the publication of the Japanese magazine Famitsu, the announcement was made to celebrate the new year.

There is no one really knows what that could be. There’s nothing new that’s called an unannounced game – and what it’s called high-fty football. An announcement will come in a short time.

Fans immediately began speculating about a new Dungeon or a mystery game. Some people believe it is a new intellectual property. All of the hypotheses are so smoky, however. Perhaps it’s the new game of Danganronpa author, who has already announced that he isn’t working on a new book.

Spike Chunsoft has already announced titles for 2023, such as Master Detective Archives: Rain Code for Nintendo Switch, developed by Too Kyo Games and scheduled for spring 2023.


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