Stray – How to learn ingame textual content

Stray - How to read ingame text

The game incorporates at least two utterly totally different writing sorts/alphabets and one may be a really separate language nonetheless I’ve obtained 24 out of 26 letters found for the english one. Here is what I’ve obtained, be at liberty to ship me any knowledge you’ve got acquired obtained so I can full the data and fill points out. Any knowledge on the other writing/language might be tremendously appreciated.

The first alphabet

Here is what I’ve obtained for the first alphabet thus far.

I was ready to piece the whole thing in addition to the X(found by reddit individual CeolAgusCraic) and missing Q and J from the “available now” textual content throughout the launch trailer and this one excellent merchandising machine firstly of the game.

I present to you, the Rosetta Vending Machine

This was the first piece of textual content that clued me in to the symbols being letters as a result of it appeared like a warning lable and the best phrase matched the pattern for it.

the textual content beneath warning is latin gibberish.

By Ygdrad(Got my Deck!)

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