The Great New Volcano Documentary is currently the Hottest movie on Netflix


Netflix continues its tradition of offering original documentary content to Netflix, so a new addition hits the streaming page. The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari released on Dec. 3, 2022 and directed by a trained documentarian Rory Kennedy, won no place in the most watched film universe with his harrowing story of the 2016 nature disaster.

On Dec. 9th, 2018, an active volcano on the white-and-white island erupted, causing mass casualties and destruction. The island, a popular tourist destination for tourists due to the fact that it had created an avalanche at the time of the war, is hived among 47 people on the day of the eruption, among those died 22 in wake of the disaster.

Kennedys detailed and precise recounting the fateful day is one of the most compelling stories that speak well to the extraordinary, human and human dignity. The film features interviews with survivors and unlikely heroes of the tragedy, but the resiliency of the human body is what forces, the invisible and visible scars and the common threads that lie between humanity and our place in nature.

The tragic yet bitterly inspiring documentary received huge praise from the both critics and audiences alike. Though many are calling it one of the most emotional documentaries they’ve ever seen, Kennedys intuitive approach to the trauma makes the film an essential and difficult viewing.

The Volcano: The Rescue of Whakaari is now available for Netflix.


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