The Search for Mr. Fumbleclaw Point & Click Adventure for Console & PC?


The One-man developer Axel Friedrich announces the hunt for Mr. Fumbleclaw in his new search. This is a point & click adventure with many special features.

The plot is all right: the Cat lover and Star Trek fan Scott Whiskers goes to find the missing noble kitty Mr. Fumbleclaw. This is written with a big wink, as it is common in a genre; many puzzles may be solved and many funny dialogues are thrown in.

The gameplay is that of a popular point & click adventure, but it’s presented in a modern 2.5D fashion unlike most other similar retro projects. That means that no pixel opticals, no 3D characters and 2D hand-drawn backgrounds. The complete info drone is available on the official website.

The game has been in development for over two years, with about a year full-time. A Kickstarter campaign is also being put up and the release is set to be made on 2024. The platforms mentioned are PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, iOS and Android.


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