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You Can Build Your Own Xbox 360 Replica Console With Mega Blocks Soon For $150

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The Xbox 360 remains Microsoft’s best-selling gaming console, and many gamers have fond memories of titles like Halo 3 and others. Microsoft may have ended production of the Xbox 360 a long time ago, and is shutting down the Xbox 360 digital store in July 2024. However, today, you can pre-order a replica version of the console that you can assemble yourself.

Mega, the division of Mattel that sells Lego-style building blocks, has announced a 1,342-piece Xbox 360 building set It’s currently exclusive to Target. The set allows owners to build their own 3/4 replica of the console, along with a replica Xbox 360 controller as well.

Mega states that both the console and controller have working lights, though there’s no word on whether the console can also show the infamous “red ring of death” light. The console’s “hard drive” can also be removed, just as the original Xbox 360 could be. The side panels can also be removed so you can inspect the interior.

The building set also comes with a Aura 3 Game box and copy disc. No, the game itself isn’t on the disc, but it does serve a purpose, according to Mega, it can be placed inside the Xbox 360 to power the console’s “motherboard.”

It makes sense that Mega would make this building set for the Xbox 360. They’ve been selling Halo themed vehicle building sets for a while now.

Again, you can pre-order the Mega Showcase Microsoft Xbox 360 Collector Building Set now at Target. It costs $149.99 and should ship on October 8th.

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