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[The following interview contains mild spoilers for The Gilded Age episode five.]

Taissa Farmiga grew up on Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchak’s FX horror collection American Horror Story, however due to its anthology nature, she by no means acquired the possibility to play the identical character over the course of a multi-season arc. Nearly 11 years after her first foray into tv, the New Jersey native is lastly ready to play the identical character for a lot of seasons on Julian Fellowes’ Downton Abbey spinoff prequel, The Gilded Age. Set in Eighteen Eighties New York City, Farmiga performs 17-year-old Gladys Russell, who’s able to make her debut in society, however her “new money” household — specifically her mom Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon) — refuses to compromise on the matter till the circumstances are good. For Farmiga, the possibility to evolve with Gladys is one thing she couldn’t resist, particularly in a world that’s up to now faraway from her previous work.

“I’ve never gone with one character to a subsequent season and lived out that arc,” Farmiga tells The Hollywood Reporter. “When I did American Horror Story, I did season one, and then I wasn’t there for season two. And then I went back for season three as a different character. So what I’m most excited for, right now, is to see how Gladys evolves in season two.”

Besides the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an argument could be made that the Conjuring franchise is the second-most profitable cinematic universe in the mean time. Farmiga’s older sister Vera, alongside James Wan and Patrick Wilson, set the franchise in movement with 2013’s The Conjuring, the primary of eight movies (and counting). But to many individuals’s shock, the youngest Farmiga’s The Nun (2018), directed by Corin Hardy, truly has the franchise’s finest outing on the field workplace with $363 million. While the event on a sequel appears to have slowed lately, Farmiga signifies that there’s been motion within the final yr.

“There have definitely been whisperings and talks in the last year, but the pandemic has obviously affected everything including filming and such,” Farmiga shares. “So I heard mentions of it back in the fall, maybe, and there were talks of potentially trying to see what my availability was. But I also haven’t seen a script. So I haven’t heard anything definitive or anyone say, ‘Hey, this is going.’ So I don’t know, but I would love to go back and visit Sister Irene. It’s been years.”

In a latest dialog with THR, Farmiga additionally explains how being the youngest of seven Farmiga kids ready her for Gladys Russell. Then she seems to be again at her expertise with Sofia Coppola on The Bling Ring set.

So The Gilded Age is a really totally different world and style for you. Since actors are sometimes categorized based on their previous work, did it’s important to pursue this mission in any respect?

I positively needed to audition and do my half and work for the chance. I used to be initially despatched an previous, previous draft of the script and sides for the audition for the character of Marian [Louisa Jacobson]. So I used to be excited concerning the general world and the thought of The Gilded Age being executed by Julian Fellowes with HBO, and being set in a time interval and a world that I’m not usually related to. When I attempted to do the audition for Marian, I didn’t actually really feel like I clicked with the character. I had a tough time within the self-tape audition. I simply wasn’t feeling like I used to be doing job. I wasn’t feeling like I used to be understanding Marian. So I attempted a few instances, and I ended up getting one thing on tape and despatched it off. I didn’t really feel nice about it, nevertheless it was alright. And then casting acquired again to my workforce and mentioned, “Look, we really love her, but she just doesn’t feel right for Marian. Would you mind reading for Gladys?” And I used to be like, “Yeah, absolutely.” And instantly, I noticed plenty of my younger teenage self in Gladys and that need to interrupt free and discover independence and expertise the world via your individual eyes as against the eyes of your loved ones. So I auditioned for her, and I acquired the director session after I met up with [EP-Director] Michael Engler. And I bear in mind being very, very nervous within the audition room, however Michael was very type. And then he requested me, “Oh, do you have any sort of obsession with this time period? Do you love period dramas? You fall into it so easily.” So I type of laughed and mentioned, “No, I watch Rick and Morty and cartoons and comedies. It’s not really what I know.” But as an actor, it was a brand new alternative, and I wish to develop. It’s good to push your self, and this was a world that I wished to push myself to expertise.

Taissa Farmiga in The Gilded Age
Courtesy of Alison Cohen Rosa/HBO

You’re the youngest of seven kids. Is that why you could possibly relate to Gladys’ eagerness to be handled like an grownup?

Oh completely. Yes, I’m the youngest of seven, and a few of my siblings are a lot older than me. So I’ve six older siblings, and a few of them are 20-something years older than me. And additionally they have children. When I used to be 9 years previous, the primary niece was born. So I bear in mind having to tackle some grownup tasks from a younger age babysitting and what have you ever. But there are nonetheless different facets in life the place you are feeling such as you’re all the time being handled as a toddler, what I imply? To at the present time, once you go to your dad and mom’ home or your parental figures’ home, you stroll in and instantly really feel such as you’re nonetheless that 15-year-old self. So I believe that was fairly straightforward to connect with with Gladys.

The massive query for Gladys is when she’ll be introduced out to the world. How a lot did you find out about that means of being debuted?

We needed to do our analysis. Obviously, it’s a really totally different time interval from something I’m conversant in. And HBO was great. Our manufacturing was great to place collectively this kind of file or analysis bible of the entire info you could possibly probably have to know concerning the Eighteen Eighties. And in that, it talked about debutantes debuting to society and the kind of events they’d, going again to the Vanderbilts and people households and what it could appear to be. So I knew it was an integral a part of changing into an grownup for a younger lady in society at the moment. If you didn’t debut, you actually didn’t have a life, as unhappy as that sounds. (Laughs.) Those have been the principles of society at the moment. So for Gladys, her debut is a dialog between the Russell members of the family in among the very first scenes.

In episode three, Oscar Van Rhijn (Blake Ritson) caught her off guard at dinner when he requested for her opinion on a subject of dialog. He might have had an ulterior motive, however you could possibly inform how a lot it meant to her to be thought of on this regard. Do you bear in mind the primary time an grownup sought out your opinion and made you are feeling like a grown-up?

That’s superb. I don’t bear in mind a selected time, however I bear in mind being 18 or 19 and in my first severe relationship. I bear in mind speaking with one in every of my older brothers and simply having a dialog about relationships and what it requires and communication and the way troublesome it’s to speak. It’s probably the most primary human issues we have to do. So at that second, it wasn’t essentially that he was asking my recommendation, however I bear in mind with the ability to join with somebody about an grownup expertise. When I used to be round 9, my older sister Vera would all the time ask, “What do you want for dinner? What do you want for this?” I used to be visiting her out in L.A.. and as a child, I used to be so not opinionated. And whereas she didn’t snap, I bear in mind at one level that she was type of aggravated … She was like, “You have to have opinions in life.” So from a younger age, each time anyone requested me one thing, I knew I needed to formulate a thought and have the ability to convey what I desired.

So you lately carried out a ballot on Instagram that requested how previous Gladys seems to be, and whereas I wished to examine the “immortal” possibility, I caught together with her age on the present, 17.

Yes. (Laughs.)

Now one would suppose that the flexibility to play youthful is a blessing of types for a working actor, however has it largely been a optimistic in your expertise?

Yeah, completely. For an actor, there are various things that one will get out of any job that they take. Obviously, as a married 27-year-old lady, there’s part of me that thinks it could be enjoyable to play somebody nearer to my very own age, however I used to be in a position to relate to Gladys so simply. I desired to exist in that point interval and that world, so it checked off different containers of pleasure for why I wished to do the job. It’s good to have the ability to look younger and play a younger character. My mother, when she was in her 60s, individuals thought she was 45, so I believe it’s a blessing. Society is clearly obsessive about seems to be and age and all of that nonsense, so on one hand, it’s good to have the ability to play a personality that may be a decade youthful than me. But on the similar time, the present has been picked up for season two, so I’m most excited to see the place Gladys’ journey goes in subsequent seasons. When I did American Horror Story and stuff like that, I did season one, after which I wasn’t there for season two. And then I went again for season three as a distinct character. So what I’m most excited for, proper now, is to see how Gladys evolves in season two.

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Taissa Farmiga and Carrie Coon in The Gilded Age
Courtesy of Alison Cohen Rosa/HBO

One of my favourite actors and interviewees, Carrie Coon, performs Gladys’ mom, Bertha Russell. Did you acknowledge Carrie’s many virtues nearly instantly?

Oh my goodness. I fell in love with Carrie in all probability on the primary day. You’ve interviewed her, so that she’s simply a unprecedented human being. She’s extraordinarily gifted as an actress, and I like her in some ways for that. But I additionally admire how she carries herself and the way she interacts with the world round her, together with the crew members, the opposite actors and simply all people. She’s simply so unapologetically herself, and but so type and on the similar time. She’s actually humorous and is aware of learn how to decide on individuals, however she additionally is aware of learn how to make them be ok with themselves. She is aware of learn how to have interaction and learn how to preserve individuals on their toes. She’s actually one in every of my favourite individuals I’ve ever met in my complete life. So I really feel so lucky to be her daughter and to get picked on, as Gladys, by her.

“You want more for me than I want for myself” is one thing Gladys mentioned in episode 5 after her mom denied her male suitor. In the upcoming episode, she makes comparable feedback to her father about feeling strange. What do you make of this mindset when you think about her upbringing and the expectations positioned on her?

On one hand, Gladys has grown up very privileged. She’s all the time been round wealth. I consider there’s a remark or a line about Bertha’s household being potato farmers, and Gladys’ dad [Morgan Spector] is new cash. So her dad and mom began with nothing and constructed every little thing that they’ve. Gladys, alternatively, was handed every little thing on a silver platter, and there’s a little bit of naivety to her. She thinks that issues would nonetheless be as straightforward for her if she have been to exit into the world and be that strange individual that she needs to be. She’s additionally acquired a comrade in brother, Larry [Harry Richardson]. While the expectations of a male within the Eighteen Eighties have been fairly totally different than that of a lady, they’re each scuffling with their dad and mom’ wishes and expectations of them as a result of they differ from what they need for themselves. And Gladys, whereas she’s 17, she is a younger 17. She’s a bit sheltered in that regard as a result of her mother has been so protecting over her. So it’s exhausting as a result of on the finish of the day, all of us need our personal happiness, and I believe the wrestle for humanity is deciding whether or not you need present happiness or future happiness.

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Harry Richardson, Louisa Jacobson and Taissa Farmiga in The Gilded Age
Courtesy of Alison Cohen Rosa/HBO

While the costumes are stunning, how uncomfortable do you are feeling more often than not?

(Laughs.) It’s a good query. Yes, I’d say chunk of the time, there’s some degree of discomfort. But on the similar time, once you get to play dress-up on daily basis for a job and also you’re in these extravagant outfits that a lot time, care and thought has been put into each element of those costumes, you type of neglect about it. I don’t wish to say that it’s the identical as giving delivery as a result of I’ve clearly by no means given delivery, however you neglect concerning the ache as time passes since you benefit from the optimistic side of it. So it’s enjoyable to dress up. When we have been all filming on the phases in an enormous ensemble scene, the forged would kind of do a runway stroll each time there was a brand new outfit. They could be like, “Ooh, what are you wearing today?” And everybody would stroll down the hallway and exhibit. So it positively offers me an appreciation for the ladies of the time and what they needed to stay with moreover the ridiculous societal expectations. They weren’t in a position to breathe due to the clothes. I bear in mind desirous to eat a full meal at lunch as a result of I used to be hungry, however typically, I’d ask myself, “Oh man, am I going to go for the salad or the pasta? How do I want to feel after lunch today in my corset for the 15th hour of the day?”

Shifting gears, I coated Vera’s present Hawkeye, and sooner or later, I heard that you just have been thought of for her daughter, Kate. Is that remotely true?

To be sincere, I don’t suppose I ever heard something about that. It by no means made it onto my radar at the least. So I don’t know if my workforce ever heard about it, nevertheless it’s all the time a humorous factor when it’s a job that’s associated to household as a result of nepotism, clearly, is a factor on this discipline and plenty of fields. When I auditioned for The Nun, I believed, “Oh man, there’s no way I’m getting this,” though I felt like I crushed the audition. I simply felt like being the youthful sister [of Vera] was going to be a hindrance, however in that case, it labored out. So for Hawkeye, I by no means heard something, however that will’ve been fucking cool. (Laughs.)

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Justin Lubin/Warner Bros.

When you have been forged in The Nun, individuals theorized that your character would ultimately be revealed as a younger Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) or at the least, a relative of Lorraine’s. So given your sister’s outstanding place in that franchise, did you additionally should make clear that they weren’t getting in that path?

(Laughs.) The audition was nearly like a self-tape as a result of they have been largely casting out of the UK. I’m fairly certain that they wished somebody who wasn’t an American actress, however they have been studying individuals with one casting director right here. So I discovered I booked the job like a month and a half later, and I had a Skype with the director Corin [Hardy]. And I bear in mind speaking slightly bit about that, nevertheless it wasn’t an excessive amount of of needing readability on it beforehand. It’s exhausting to recollect, however I’ve a obscure reminiscence of conversations taking place on set. I don’t bear in mind if it was clarifying Sister Irene’s final identify to point out that she wasn’t [related to Lorraine] or to point out that she was. I simply can’t bear in mind, however in the long run, I don’t suppose it ever actually got here into play.

So you weren’t frightened that they have been going to shock you with new pages.

(Laughs.) Honestly, no. Listen, I’m down for a curveball. I wouldn’t have minded in the event that they’d thrown something like that at me. I really feel prefer it retains you in your toes, and it makes it’s important to alter. It’s such an exhilarating feeling to not anticipate one thing and be like, “Okay, how do you adapt and make it work?”

I hope you’ve bragged about this at Thanksgiving, however The Nun is the highest-grossing Conjuring film [$363 million].

(Laughs.) I wouldn’t dare, are you kidding me? I’d get noogied into place. She would seize me and put me down. She’d wrestle me! I don’t wish to really feel the wrath of the older sister. (Laughs.)

That mentioned, a sequel appeared like a foregone conclusion, however I haven’t heard something since 2019, when the good Akela Cooper was reportedly engaged on a script. Are there any updates to your data?

There have positively been whisperings and talks within the final yr, however the pandemic has clearly affected every little thing together with filming and such. So I heard mentions of it again within the fall, possibly, and there have been talks of probably making an attempt to see what my availability was. But I additionally haven’t seen a script. So I haven’t heard something definitive or anybody say, “Hey, this is going.” So I don’t know, however I’d love to return and go to Sister Irene. It’s been years.

Actors was once afraid to decide to tv as a result of they didn’t wish to danger taking part in the identical, static character for seven years, however as you touched on earlier, you’ve largely executed the anthology route through American Horror Story. You performed three characters throughout 4 totally different American Horror Story seasons. So I do know you briefly reprised two of the characters, however have been there instances the place you wished you could possibly’ve performed a type of characters for a multi-season arc of types?

Absolutely. As I mentioned, that’s one of many facets of The Gilded Age that I’ve been most enthusiastic about. We’re anticipating a season two, and I’ve by no means gone with one character to a subsequent season and lived out that arc. It’s exhausting as a result of in American Horror Story season one, the Murder House season, I performed Violet, who’s a personality that’s so near my coronary heart. I simply adored her. I grew a lot whereas taking part in her and embodying her. So it could’ve been fabulous to see what a season two could possibly be, however I nearly suppose that it was type of good within the concise approach that it was informed. So in hindsight, it’s exhausting to look again and be like, “Ah, I would’ve done this again.” But after all, I’d like to see what she would’ve been. Also, spoiler, a decade later, however she’s clearly useless within the Murder House. So I don’t actually understand how a lot she would’ve modified throughout a season-two arc. In hindsight, it’s a tough factor with the positives and negatives, however as an actor, I positively would wish to expertise what it’s wish to develop with a personality.

I’m certain Higher Ground and American Horror Story have been seismic in their very own proper, however once you landed Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, was that earth shattering for you on the time?

Oh my god, that’s such a reminiscence. It was some time in the past, however yeah, it was insane to be working with Sofia Coppola. I bear in mind loving Lost in Translation, and I used to be so nervous after I auditioned for The Bling Ring. While auditioning for it, I clearly needed to play a personality that was so totally different from Violet and who I performed in Higher Ground and simply who I’m as an individual. So the earth-shattering factor was like, “Oh, I can push past the boundaries of my teenage self and try something new.” And so I used to be ready to try this underneath the care of Sofia Coppola, who’s only a phenomenal director due to the way in which she communicates to actors and is in a position to attract a efficiency out of you. I used to be 17, so I used to be additionally simply excited to go work with a bunch of younger actors. On season one in every of American Horror Story, there was Evan Peters, however he’s seven years older than me. So I used to be stoked to be engaged on such a high-profile mission and in addition with the ability to work with a bunch of actors my very own age.

I’ve been informed that Sofia is a quiet chief on set. Apparently, she doesn’t discuss quite a bit, and when she does, she doesn’t increase her voice in any respect.

She doesn’t yell, yeah.

So it sounds such as you had the identical takeaway.

Absolutely. Overall, it was a relaxed atmosphere. The chief was not somebody who wanted to shout and yell, so the general vitality and vibe of the set was slightly bit quieter and extra collected than among the different units I’ve labored on. And that was the primary time I had labored with somebody who led from a spot of calmness, as against, “Okay everybody, come on! Let’s go!” That kind of energetic factor. So it was only a totally different expertise, and clearly, it really works. So I adored working together with her, and I’d leap on the alternative to work together with her once more.

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The Bling Ring
Courtesy of A24 Films

This is a little bit of a reductive take, however these youngsters stole as a result of they wished to really feel just like the celebrities of the late 2000s. And on the time, apart from actuality TV, fame nonetheless had the standard obstacles to entry. But these days, younger individuals are changing into celebrities through the apps on their telephones. So if these children grew up right now, do you suppose they’d be extra involved with creating their very own celeb through YouTube, Instagram, TikTook, and many others.?

It’s humorous how shortly know-how modifications the world that we stay in. It modifications our actuality and the way straightforward it’s to realize info or some extent of celeb or notoriety. So I ponder, on the time, how it could’ve modified issues and if they’d’ve been extra obsessed concerning the quantity of TikTook followers they’d, as opposed to really infiltrating these individuals’s lives and bodily placing on their garments and changing into these individuals. It’s a tough query, however I additionally suppose it was simply of the time. So I don’t know what these children would’ve executed these days. I imply, I nonetheless haven’t downloaded TikTook. I haven’t jumped into that world as a result of I do know myself and I do know that I’d get obsessed within the sense of viewing movies, not making movies. I’d be too shy if that’s even potential to confess. I’m additionally somebody with social media, and I get such nervousness having to navigate that world. I don’t understand how individuals nowadays can do it.

Lastly, to reply your Bling Ring character’s biggest dilemma: leopard or zebra print?

(Laughs.) I’d have picked leopard palms down.

The Gilded Age is now airing on HBO.

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